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Civilian Products

With excellent performance and reliable quality, vanguard opens a silent service to millions of users worldwide. As the producer and high-tech enterprise of China's opening machine industry standard, the pioneer has the advantages of more than 40 thousand square meters of production area, more than 500 industrial equipment and more than 100 production personnel.


Elaborate design and perfection

At the same time, the pioneer machinery actively responds to the call of the national military and civilian integration, making full use of its own R & D ability and manufacturing advantages.

Precision manufacturing quality

Police Products

Stereo garage

Sincere service to win honor

1, the operation mode is manual point operation, the hand opens the knob, the equipment stops operation, safe and reliable.
2, the two layer parking does not need to reverse the garage. When taking the car, the turning mechanism will turn the vehicle automatically, and it is very convenient to stop and take the car.
3, simple and reliable structure, beautiful appearance, save time and effort to install.
4, stop the car quickly, stop and take only 60 seconds.
5. The basic engineering is simple, firm and fast in construction.

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