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About us

National High-Tech Enterprise

Zhejiang Xianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. (former Factory No. 5316), a military industrial enterprise with 45 years of history, produces and sells a full range of domestically Xianfenging and technologically-leading door openers. It has been engaged in the R&D of door opener for 25 years and boasts a high reputation in the industry and powerful market competitiveness.

Zhejiang Xianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Xianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.


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○ With qualifications and certificates required for a military industrial enterprise.
○ Passed the certification of GB/TI9001—2008/IS09000:2008 in succession;
○ The chief editor unit of electric door industrial standard and industrial door opener industrial standard; participator unit in the editing of electric door roller industrial standard, deputy director unit of China Metal Structure Association Electric Door and Automatic Door Branch, deputy director unit of Steel and Wood Doors & Windows Branch of China Construction Metal Structure Association
○ A national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise, Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise R&D Center;
○ Grade-A “Contract-stressing & Promise-keeping” of Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Enterprise and Zhejiang AAA Tax Paying Unit.

Talent structure

○ Staff with senior or intermediate technical titles account for one third of the total employees
○ Senior skilled workers account for one third of the total operators at the frontline
○ General Manager and Deputy General Manager all graduated from China’s top military industry universities; and General Manager and other management members of the wholly-owned Zhejiang Xinfeng Door Control Co., Ltd. are all experts enjoying a very high reputation in the industry.

Technical structure

○ Eight main technology, of which 5 are original military product R&D and manufacturing technologies and three are original civil product technologies, including door opener design technology, electrical appliance design technology and mold manufacturing technology.
○ Have received 34 national patents, 15 Zhejiang provincial appraisals of new products, and six registered Zhejiang scientific and technological achievements.
○ Have obtained a second prize for National Science and Technology Progress Award from the State Council, a first prize for National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award from the State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry, four second prizes for national ministry-level science and technology progress, and a number of industrial, municipal and provincial-level technology progress awards.

Product Structure

○ Military products mainly consist of firearm series, military and police tool series, special combat vehicle accessories, police explosion-proof separating walls, barbed wire, and other barricades series, with originality and specificity of R&D and manufacturing.
○ Civil products form a multi-species extension structure with door opener as the theme, car stop and down cutter as supplemented products. Door openers cover all series including industrial door openers, door rollers, sliding door openers, vertical hinged door openers, garage door openers, etc. The company is the leading backbone enterprise with the most complete product varieties in this industry of China.

○ The military products are directionally supplied and began to expand international military trade market; both the military and police tools are top products of China and widely applied with a good reputation and goodwill; separating walls, barricades and other anti-terrorist and antiriot supplies are becoming increasingly popular.
○ Civil products pay equal attention to domestic and international markets; the sales shares of international markets exceeds that of domestic market for a long time; the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia and other countries and regions.

Market Structure

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